#000 Missingno.

Missingno is a mysterious Pokémon that shouldn't really exist. It is used to duplicate items, but it can also spoil your game.

But what is Missingno really? Why does it exist?

What is Missingno?

Missingno was a kind of test Pokémon. When Red and Blue where being developed every Pokémon was a Missingno. Later all the Missingno where replaced by the real Pokémon we know. But it seems the programmers missed one or two, and those Missingo still exist.
They shouldn't be in the game, but now most people know about them and use them to duplicate the items they need.
Most people ignore the fact that Missingno can be dangerous and I did for a while, too. After a while it wasn't fun anymore to have as many Rare Candys and MasterBalls as I wanted. It makes the game to easy.

How to find Missingno and duplicate items

1. Make sure you have Pokémon with Fly and Surf.
2. Put the item you want to duplicate in 6. position.
3. Fly to Viridian City and let the old man show you how to catch Pokémon.
4. Fly to Cinnabar Island.
5. Surf up and down the right side of Cinnabar, half in, half out of the water.
6. After a while you should come across a strange looking "thing" called Missingno. (Its name may also be just a jumble of letters and symbols.)
7. Fight it or run away. Its attacks are strong, but it is quite easy to beat as its defence and everything else is low.
8. There will now be a symbol in front of your 6. item. You now have that item over a hundred times.
9. The hall of fame on the Pokémon League website will be messed up, so it is best to cheat before going into the league.

If you really want to cheat, here are a few things that are very usefull: