All about Missingno and 'M

As I said before, the mysterious Pokémon Missingno, that is often used to duplicate items, is a mistake that shouldn't exist. It can spoil your game, but you can also have a lot of fun with it. 'M is something like Missingno's cousin.

So again:

Who is Missingno?

Missingno is, or was a test Pokémon, that was used by the people who designed the game. Many tests were done on it and at the start I think all Pokémon where Missingno, but they where replaced by the real Pokémon we all know so well now. So in the end all the Missingno where removed from the game, but it seems the programmers missed one or two, and those ones still exist.

Missingno is nearly always used by people to duplicate items, and by now I guess nearly everybody knows it.
Catching Missingno can be dangerous, but not many serious has happened to my games yet, exept that it messed up my hall of fame, and twice now, it's messed up my graphics in battle.

Missingno sometimes also comes in the form of a Pokémon called 'M. And just for your information: It is far less dangerous to catch 'M than Missingno.

How to catch Missingno and dupliate items

1. Make sure you have Pokémon with Fly and Surf.
2. Put the item you want to duplicate in 6. position.
3. Fly to Viridian City and let the old man show you how to catch Pokémon.
4. Fly to Cinnabar Island.
5. Surf up and down the right side of Cinnabar, half in, half out of the water.
6. After a while you should come across a strange looking "thing" called Missingno. (Its name may also be just a jumble of letters and symbols.)
7. Fight it or run away. Its attacks are strong, but it is quite easy to beat as its defence and everything else is low.
8. There will now be a symbol in front of your 6. item. You now have that item over a hundred times.
9. The hall of fame on the Pokémon League website will be messed up, so it is best to cheat before going into the league.

And if you have to cheat, here's a list of things worth it:

Ok. So that was the boring stuff. Now for the facts.

Missingno Facts

In your party, Missingno's figure is often changing. Sometimes it's a man, sometimes a woman, sometimes a boy, sometimes a Gentleman, sometimes a thing like Kangaskahn, sometimes a Snorlax, and very often a thing that looks like an Alien.
But it always switches between two figues, and one of them is usually the Alien.

Missingno has two types, one of them only exists with Missingno: Bird and Normal. And I mean Bird, not Flying. Sounds a bit odd, but Missingno is odd so it doesn't matter.

Missingno's attacks are:
Water Gun pp25/25
Water Gun pp25/25
Sky Attack pp25/25

Yes, two Water Guns, not one.
(Oh yeah, and I'm not Kevin.)

Pokémon Yellow should be a glitch free game, as Missingno was removed from it, but you can trade Missingno to Yellow. If you do, his name turns into a bunch of gibberish and his level goes down by ten. His number then isn't #000 anymore, but #176 and he looks like a vertical rectangle (you can only see this when battling a Red or Blue player who has Missingno).

If you try to trade Missingno to Gold and Silver and look at his stats, Missingno looks like #236 Tyrogue and 'M looks like Slowpoke. Still they can't be traded to Gold and Silver, as they have been removed from the game.

Missingno can learn:
TM01 (Mega Punch)
TM02 (Razor Wind)
TM04 (Whirlwind)
TM05 (Mega Kick)
TM09 (Bodycheck)
TM14 (Blizzard)
TM18 (Counter)
TM19 (Seismic Toss)
TM26 (Earthquake)
TM27 (Fissure)
TM29 (Psychic)
TM34 (Bide)
TM37 (Egg Bomb)
TM38 (Fire Blast)
TM43 (Sky Attack)
TM44 (Rest)
TM49 (Tri Attack)
HM01 (Cut)
HM02 (Fly)

He can't learn:
TM08 (Bodyslam)
TM28 (Dig)
TM31 (Mimic)
TM45 (Thunder Wave)

Now, sometimes my Missingno or 'M can't learn attacks that they could learn here, so it could keep changing. I haven't tested anymore attacks, so check out some yourself. Missingno's levels range from 0 to 136.


Missingno is strange, but 'M is probably even more strange. It is similar to Missingno, but its name is a bunch of strange symbols and an 'M somewhere in the middle. But as I said it is safer to catch 'M than Missingno.

Rhydon with Surf

Ok. I think this is brilliant. This worked for me anyway. If it doesn't for you, don't see why not though, note that I own Red and Blue in German.

Right then, when I caught 'M it got sent to my PC, as I already had six Pokémon with me. I went to pick it up and checked its stats. I picked it up and taught it surf. When I looked at his stats again it was still called 'M but the other stats where all Rhydon's stats. I went to the Name Rater and the icon was also the one for Rhydon. I changed the name to Rhydon, and I had a surfing Rhydon. Ok, it was at level 1, but you can easily sort that out with duplicated Rare Candies.
You can also teach 'M Water Gun.


Don't know about the English Versions, but in Red and Blue 'M evolves into Clefairy with a Rare Candy (I think it evolves to Kangaskhan in the English ones), but then has no attacks. Teach it an attack, and then it should have four different attacks. If you send it into battle, without it having attacks, your screen will glitch

Rumour: Missingno in Gold and Silver

I've never tried this and I've got absolutely no idea if it works, but you can try it if you want.

1. Get Cyndaquil as your first Pokémon.
2. Get all eight badges.
3. Go to the nurse in Azalea City and heal your Pokémon.
4. Go to Newbark Town and talk to Professor Elm.
5. Get a Steelix, name it Steelix female, but put two female symbols.
6. Get Ditto and put Ditto and Steelix in Day Care.
7. The egg they lay hatches into Missingno.

Note: I am quite sure that this code will not work. You can not give your Pokémon nicknames with male and female symbols.

Warning: Don't duplicate HMs or items that you can't throw away.
Missingno is weak and doesn't apear in your PokéDex. It isn't needed to complete the game, so you needn't catch it. Your whole game can crash if you do catch it, so don't complain to me if it all goes wrong.